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Monday, September 04, 2006
Abolutely FREE!

We are so cool here at that we are giving away a limited edition shiny new Mamborama ringtone for your celluar or mobile or whatever you want to call that little phone you carry around.

That's right dear friends, it's absolutely free, unlike those so-called Santeria ringtones I blogged about. No strings attached, no salesman will ever call.

It's the coro from Taca Toco from the new album, which if you've been paying attention, is a song about people who talk too much. Perfect for a ringtone, verdad? Now pay attention, read carefully, and follow the instructions below.

1. Be sure your cell can play an mp3 ringtone, because that's what this is.

2. Listen to the damn thing by clicking the link below to decide if you even want it.

3. Right-click the same link, and choose "save target as..." to download it to your computer.

4. Figure out all on your own how to get it to your phone. Unfortunately, although we are generous here at, we don't have the techno-savvy to download directly to your phone via a text message, that's for the big boys. If you are geeky enough, you'll be able to get it to your phone via bluetooth or USB.

5. Be the envy of your neighborhood as your cell blows up with the funky refrain of Taca Toco when your mom calls to talk your ear off.

Here's the link: Taca Toco Ringtone.

[Disclaimer] We are unable to offer individual technical assistance on this item, as we have outsourced our Technical Assistance Department to Buosolandia, and currently there is no internet access or phone service there. This may be why the Buosos work so cheap.
Saturday, September 02, 2006
Ain't nothing in this world for free

Wow. I noticed this morning on this blog a Google-supplied ad for "Free Santeria Ringtones." Well, I have to admit, that got me curious, and I clicked on the link. What the hell is this, I thought, can you get a nifty Changó ringtone on your cell if you're an hijo de Changó? The link takes you to this page, which prompts you to enter your cell number to receive a "complimentary" ringtone. Scrolling down to the light grey small text at the bottom reveals that by doing so, you agree to be subscribed to the "Value Club 2" at a mere $19.99 a month. ¡Que Va! Privileges of this club include your receiving credits up to 14 Poly Ringtones per month. I don't know about you, but I really don't need 14 poly ringtones a month.

Bwah. Be careful surfing the tubes of the internets, kids, things ain't always what they appear to be. For the record, does NOT endorse or encourage, nor is affiliated with any of these Google ads. I surrendered to Google, because when they take over the world, I want to be on their good side, but I'm enough of a rebelde to remove their ads if I find many more scams like this. In fairness to Google, they also are not responsible for the fine goods and services their advertisers may or may not be offering. After all, their corporate motto is, "Do no evil." It's a shame that there aren't more people out there with that ethic. I can personally vouch that Mamborama will do no evil, our motto is, "Ven a bailar."

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