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Tuesday, April 13, 2004 has a short item about Los Van Van's next CD, Chapeando. Apparently, in addition to the new tunes, it will contain new recordings of some boleros that Juan Formell wrote some years ago. No word on release date.

Speaking of boleros, Cubasi's musica section has a page devoted to articles on various types of Cuban music, including Conga, Guaracha, Son Y Salsa and more.
Here's another very obscure tune. In the late eighties, Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba recorded a brilliant album in Havana that fused jazz with traditional Danzón. He wrote all the orchestrations, conducted the orchestra from the piano, and played with the orchestra as it was recorded live in the studio. He was 26 years old at the time. Here's a cut from the album: Broadband users here, dial-up here. The album was entitled Mi Gran Pasión. The good news is that after being out of print for ages, it's being re-released by Universal Latino on April 27. You can order it here.
Saturday, April 03, 2004
Obscure Cuban tune of the week...

What good is a Cuban music blog with no music? Not much, I would say. Let's remedy that. If I can remember, and get time to do it, I'll post something new to listen to each week.

This week, we answer this musical question: What would Paulito FG's De la Habana sound like if it was re-arranged and performed by Manolito Y Su Trabuco with lead vocals handled by ex-Charanga Habanero Michel Maza? Broadband users get hifi goodness here, dialup people get the lofi version here. Comments welcome.

This track is from the Las Nuevas Estrellas De Areito CD that Manolito Simonet was producing when I first met him in 2000. I spent some great afternoons hanging out at EGREM studios watching them at work.

Mamborama news and the world of Cuban music, accompanied by occasional self-indulgence.

Extensive Cuba trip report now online.

Here's an online scrapbook of photos of La Habana and some of the recording sessions for the new album.

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