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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
While we're waiting for the new Mamborama CD to hit a store near you, here's a preview of the first track, Mi Bailarina, with vocals by invitado Kalunga: Cable/DSL | Dialup

Want more? OK, here's another clip from the same song, with El Doctor from Cubanito 20.02: Cable/DSL | Dialup

Stay tuned for more previews to come...
Sunday, March 19, 2006

OK, here's the latest on the all new, third Mamborama CD, Directamente Al Mambo. It is currently in the expert hands of John Matousek, a terrific mastering engineer that I've worked with for over twenty years. John is putting the extra sheen and shine on it, and I am finishing up the graphics while he is mastering. Next comes working out the licensing deals for various parts of the world, and hopefully, it will be available by late spring. Here's a list of songs with the guest artists of each one. See the previous post for a list of the músicos.

1) Mi Bailarina (B. Wolfer/Sixto Llorente)
Featuring Carlos M. Kalunga (Klimax, Manolito) and El Doctor from Cubanito 20.02

2) Puro Y Temba (B. Wolfer/Sixto Llorente)
Featuring Robertón Van Van

3) Las Cubanas, Que Lindas Son (B. Wolfer/Sixto Llorente)
Featuring Alexei Sanchez Mesa, El Nene (Azucar Negra, Revé)

4) La Mentirosa (B. Wolfer)
Featuring Flipper from Cubanito 20.02

5) Taca Toco (B. Wolfer)
Featuring Tony Calá (NG La Banda)

6) Señorita Pajarita (B. Wolfer)
Featuring José Luís Cortés, El Tosco

7) No Mereces La Pena (B. Wolfer)
Featuring José Goméz, Pepito (Pupy)

8) Directamente Al Mambo (B. Wolfer)

9) Baila Conmigo (B. Wolfer)

10) Yo Con Mi Jolongo (B. Wolfer/Sixto Llorente)
Featuring Tony Calá (NG)

11) Ave Maria, Por Dios (Danzón)(B. Wolfer/David Bencomo)
Featuring José Goméz, Pepito (Pupy)

Yes, you read right, the album ends with a Danzón. Ten tracks para bailar, un tema para escuchar (that is unless you happen to know how to dance to danzón).

When I get my hands on the mastered version (hopefully early next week), I'll post some clips here as well as pass some on to Entonces, ¡vamonos directamente al mambo!

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