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"It's club-ready, dance floor-filling plutonium."
Bruce Polin,

¡OYE! Third Mamborama CD is coming soon:
The new CD, Directamente Al Mambo, is mixed, mastered and coming soon to a store or internet near you. Two years in the making, the album contains eleven songs and a slew of guest artists, from the cream of Cuba's crop. For more details, click on over to the blog. You can listen to audio clips there as well. More will be added as it gets closer to the release date.


ATTENTION DJS: Download a dance remix of La Gata Loca here!

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Interested in how a song is developed from start to finish? Here's an in-depth look at the evolution of La Gata Loca. More than you ever wanted to know.

Live Rumba online now. Listen to Iroso Obbá's entire CD here.

NEW: The making of Entre La Habana Y El Yuma, a first-hand report from producer Bill Wolfer. Start here.

Check out this illustrated version of Cuba Te Llama with over 60 photos of Havana, Cuba.
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Yo Mambo Music is seeking partners for licensing, distribution and imports. For more information, click here.

Here's an online scrapbook of photos of La Habana and some of the recording sessions for the new album.

Interested in visiting Cuba? Take a look at Bill Wolfer's travel journal from Havana, complete with sound samples, photos and Flash animation. ¡Mira aqui!

Mamborama's premiere CD Night of the Living Mambo is also available online. Listen to the whole damn thing here.

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